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Hugh Masekela Collection

Hugh Masekela and Veenwouden Wines proudly present a fusion of passions.

There is no better combination than music and wine! A handcrafted blend of only the best
Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from this iconic winery was made to complement Hugh's musical
message of peace, harmony and unity.

Enjoy this wine while listening to Hugh's soul soothing sounds of Jazz�..

By your collector's item NOW consisting of a bottle of Veenwouden Hugh Masekela collection and a four CD compilation of Hugh Masekela and Larry Willis, Friends packed in a handmade gift box signed by Hugh Masekela and the wine maker, Marcel van der Walt!


Buy three bottles of Veenwouden Hugh Masekela Collection 2010. Or include a single bottle in your order of Veenwouden wines.

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